Exercise Balls: A Great Place to Start Your Fitness Plan

When you’re looking to begin a diet and fitness plan it can be difficult to determine just where to start. A gym membership is not always possible, and sometimes you need to find cheap fitness equipment to get you started. Treadmills or other cardio fitness equipment may be out of the question initially because they are both too expensive and too bulky, however there is one piece of fitness equipment that is great for beginners and seasoned fitness gurus, and that is an exercise ball.

In its early days, an exercise ball, also called a stability ball, was seen more as a tool for physical therapy than something used for weight loss or fitness. Much of that role is still retained, as it allows muscles to be worked in a way that does not aggravate existing injuries.

Even if you do have some less than cheap fitness equipment available to you, you should still buy an exercise ball to help you with your weight loss goals. Exercise balls usually cost around $20 and are most commonly available in three sizes. You should choose a size dependent on your height, with the largest size best suited to a taller person.

Since an exercise ball is filled with air it is easy to move around wherever you need it, but at the same time it is sturdy and stable and capable of supporting over 600 pounds. Most exercise balls come with examples of useful exercises that build core muscles. Even when you don’t feel like “working out” an exercise ball can double as a chair and can help build core muscles which may improve your metabolism making it easier to stick to your diet. It can also be quite comfortable, and many office workers even replace their standard issue chair with an exercise ball for part of their work day.

Many common exercises, such as push ups, crunches and squats are made easier by incorporating an exercise ball into the exercise. These modified versions still retain much of the benefit of the original exercise, yet put less strain on the joints making it a perfect starting place for beginners.

But even seasoned fitness buffs can benefit from an exercise ball. Various experts have developed fitness ball exercises that challenge core and other muscles for advanced users. Many exercise balls are sold along with exercise dvds, and there also many dvds sold seperately that have ball routines. With the right guidance, it is easy to effectively incorporate an exercise ball into your fitness plan.