How to lose ten pounds in a week

Your annual physical is over and the doctor has some bad news. If you don’t lose that extra weight, you’re putting yourself at risk for heart disease. He recommends that you make some lifestyle changes. You decide to exercise, drink more water, cut out refined carbohydrates and eat more fruits and vegetables. You are taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking around the neighborhood. The water makes you feel full and you eat less between meals. Eating fruits and vegetables leaves less room for high calorie junk foods in your diet. Within a week, you’ve lost ten pounds.

It’s going well, but then you hit the 10-lb brick wall. You’re exercising and eating healthy, but the needle on the scale won’t budge. This is called a weight loss plateau. It is very common, but surprises most people when it happens.

The plateau occurs because of the changes in your body’s metabolism. Your metabolism actually slows down as your physical condition improves. In order to continue losing weight, you will need to increase your metabolism. Maintaining what you are doing won’t be enough. You need to reduce your caloric intake or increase your level of physical activity. If you are already on a low calorie diet, reducing calories may not be an option. That leaves changing your workout routine. Realizing what the weight loss plateau is, and how to overcome it, will keep you from becoming discouraged and giving up too early on your goals.

Now that you have decided to change your workout program, you must choose the best way to accomplish this. One way that you can change your exercise routine is by the addition of some cheap fitness equipment that allows you to vary your exercise routine. Varying your routine will keep you from getting tired of doing the same exercises over and over. A varied routine is more interesting and will keep you motivated towards achieving your desired fitness level.

Breaking through the plateau, may also require a more intense exercise program. Additional fitness equipment can help you increase the intensity level of your workout.

It is important to remember that fitness equipment that isn’t used is expensive. Rather than buy one or two pieces of costly equipment that you will get tired of using, spend the money on several pieces of cheap fitness equipment that allows for a varied work out that can be added to in the future. Remember your goal is to start and maintain a program that achieves your desired results.